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Carolina Reapers book Eight

She’s the girl next door, and for the next two weeks I’ll be her NHL star boyfriend.

When Ryleigh Dunham needs a date for my sister’s wedding—one confident and sexy enough to make her ex jealous—I’m more than happy to sign up for the job.

After all, Ryleigh isn’t the feisty teenager I used to know—now she’s all fiery passion, delectable curves, and a smart mouth I can’t get enough of.

Only problem is, I can’t stop the electricity crackling between us every time we’re “faking it.”

And the longer we play the game, the harder I’m falling.

Ryleigh feels it too, but she’s stuck in a past that refuses to let her go.

Now I’m playing for her future, and if we can’t see beyond our stubbornness, we may lose our shot at one hell of a happily ever after.

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