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Seattle Sharks book five

I’m the Seattle Sharks’ number one goalie. The blocker. The wall. The opposition’s worst nightmare. I’m driven, committed to my team, and have zero time for distractions—on or off the ice. My focus is on my new contract—one that will secure my position and take care of my family. So, naturally, when Coach’s daughter moves back to town, he asks me to watch out for her. Pepper is gorgeous, brilliant, hilarious, and the Sharks’ new statistician. And my new mission puts me at her side nearly every day. Every second I spend with her, the harder it is to keep my hands to myself. Our chemistry is electric and no one makes me laugh like she does. In another life, we’d be a perfect fit. But my contract isn’t something I can risk. Even for her. Besides, Pepper Harris decided a long time ago she doesn’t date hockey players. Not that it matters. I’m the best goalie on the ice, but I’m defenseless against Pepper. I’m falling harder than a fangirl at her favorite comic-con. And if I can’t block my own heart—if we can’t stop this addiction—we’ll both lose everything.

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