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WELCOME TO THE Carolina Reapers

"Who needed a divorce when we were this happy? Fuck the contract. This could be our forever." 


Carolina Reapers Book 1

1. SW_Axel_3d_Standup.png

The chill of the ice meats sultry southern nights

Carolina reapers

1. SW_Axel_3d_Standup.png

Book 1

Arranged Marriage

4. SW_Logan 3D Book.png

Book 4

Mistaken Identity 

7. SW_Briggs 3D Book.png

Book 7

Enemies to Lovers

Book 2

Sawyer 3D Book.png

Boy Next Door / Wild Bartender

5. SW_Cannon 3D Book copy.png

Book 5

Las Vegas Accidental Marriage / Forbidden

8. SW_Caspian 3D Book.png

Book 8

Fake Romance / Girl Next Door

10. SW_Maxim 3D Book.png

Book 10

Book 3

3. SW_Connell 3D Book.png

Office Romance / Forbidden

6. SW_Sterling 3D Book copy.png

Book 6

Friends to Lovers

9. SW_Brogan 3D Book.png

book 9

Single Dad / Nanny

Sister's Best Friend



off the ice

"A binge-worth read!" -5 Star Reviewer 
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