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Carolina Reapers book three

I’m famous for two things—being one of the best defensemen in the NHL and my classic pranks. My teammates always said one of my jokes would bite me in my Scottish arse one day, and they were right. After a prank goes wrong, I’m sentenced to six weeks community service under none other than the sexy, rule-abiding, smart-mouthed city clerk of Sweet Water—Annabelle Clarke. Lucky for me it’s offseason. Unlucky for me? I want Annabelle like I want my next breath. She’s smart, luscious, and wound-tighter than a Scottish drum. Och, I’d love to be the one to help loosen her strings. She’s made it clear that while I’m under her employment, she won’t be under me. The white-hot chemistry we can’t deny must be ignored at all costs. But bantering with her is soon my favorite pastime And she’s the sweetest forbidden fruit I’ve ever tasted As we grow closer, one thing is absolutely clear A summer with Annabelle Clarke can only end one of two ways: Satisfaction or surrender. And I can only hope we can weather the storm when the sky inevitably crashes down on us.

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