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Billionaire's Game Book Four

I hold several titles: NHL Calgary Team Owner, McClaren Empire Heir, and Insatiable Playboy.


My friends believe I’m more likely to walk on the moon than hold down a monogamous relationship, and that’s never bothered me…


Until now.


Call me cocky, but I don’t like being told I can’t do something. So when my best friend throws down a high-stakes bet stating I can’t stay in a serious relationship for three months, I lie and tell him I’m already in one.


Not my most brilliant move.


In an effort to prove everyone wrong, I approach the first woman I see and offer her ten thousand to be my girlfriend for thirty minutes.


Thirty minutes turns into a negotiation for three months, and to my utter surprise, Aspen is more than willing to play the part. She needs the cash to take care of her sister’s college fees, so it’s a win-win for both of us.


Aspen is funny, smart, and humble to her core. She plays her role as my girlfriend almost too well, and soon I find myself wanting to spend time with her even when the public isn’t watching.


The lines between pretend and reality blur, and one steamy night with my fake girlfriend turns my entire world on its axis. We started this relationship under false pretenses and with a hefty price tag, but soon I’m willing to risk everything to make it real.


But Aspen’s history is complicated, and just when I think there’s hope for the future, it nearly shatters everything. To keep her in my life forever, I’ll have to prove to her that nothing will come between us—not money, fame, or our pasts.

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