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Crimson Highlander
Onyx Assassins Book Two

She’s my enemy…and my mate.
For two hundred years, I’ve been the second in command to the Vampire King.
It’s my job to predict threats before they happen…but I never saw her coming.
Valor Moorehouse isn’t just the daughter of our greatest enemy,
she’s a real pain in the ass, and according to the mark that just appeared—my mate.
My head warns me against her captivating eyes, her sharp tongue, her delectable scent.
But my heart? It demands to protect and claim.
I’m everything she was raised to hate, and she’s everything I can’t trust.
She wants me to help rescue her cousin,
but we’re in the middle of an all-out war, and we’re seriously outnumbered.
Valor’s inside information may be the key to stopping the enemy...if I can trust her.
And if I can’t…
I just might be walking into the deadliest trap of my immortal life.
Sink your teeth into the Onyx Assassins, Top Ten Amazon Bestselling Author Samantha Whiskey’s steamy paranormal romance series, filled with sexy alpha vampires and the women who love them.

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