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Crimson Kiss
Onyx Assassins Book Five

She’s a vampire princess and I’m a deadly assassin.

For centuries, I’ve used our enemies’ worst fears against them as our King’s most deadly assassin.

But there is only one creature alive who fears for me.

Princess Avianna—the king’s little sister.

She’s exquisite, from her stunning curves to her smart mouth.

And she’s one-hundred percent forbidden.

Lowborn assassins like me shouldn’t even dream of touching royalty like her.

Then she tells me that she carries my mating mark—

and she’s just agreed to marry our enemy to prevent a war.

Now, I feel her before she walks into a room.

I hunger for her despite never tasting her.

Her safety is my number one duty, but I’m not the hero she thinks I am.

The fate of our kingdom may rest in the balance, but she’s mine.

And I’ll watch the world burn if it means I get to keep her.

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