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Seattle Sharks book nine

I’m the Seattle Shark’s Defender. Lightning on the ice with a dedication to my team no one can shake. At least, I thought so. Before her. Harper Thompson. Gorgeous. Awkward. Genius. She’s developing a new helmet that will revolutionize safety standards And I’ve just volunteered to be her personal guinea pig. My reasoning lies in my past and who I lost… And who this helmet could still save. Her mouth drives me wild and her mind brings me to my knees. But she’s moving across the country, and I bleed Seattle Shark green. The ticking time bomb can’t stop the electricity between us, or the fact that my heart wants her more than the jersey on my back. My contract and her lab are on the line if we’re discovered. One mistake and we’ll both lose everything we’ve ever worked for. But success means walking away from the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Harper Thompson’s the one hit I never saw coming.

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