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Raleigh Raptor Book Three

As one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, I can catch anything...anyone. Except her—the coach’s daughter. Savannah Goodman is the one woman in the world I’m forbidden to touch, and the only one I can’t stop thinking about. She’s fiery, funny, and sexy as sin. We can’t be in the same room without fighting, but her quick wit only brings me back for more. Then she comes to me with an offer straight out of a fantasy— She wants me to take her V-card before she graduates college. No strings attached. No hearts involved. No one finds out—especially Coach. My contract is at risk and so is her job, But we can’t deny the explosive, addictive chemistry between us. Once isn’t enough—it’s never enough, and the more time we spend together only increases our chance of getting caught. But we can’t draw the line when we’ve already crossed it, And now it’s not just my spot on the Raptors I’m fighting for—it’s her.

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