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Carolina Reapers book Four

As the best offensive defenseman in the NHL, you’d think my skills would get more notice than my face. Ridiculous, but I’ve been dubbed the “pretty boy” since rookie year. Pair the looks with my multi-million-dollar career, and it’s a recipe to get used. I’ve been burned before, and it’s never happening again. Then I meet Delaney Collins—Charleston’s impossibly sexy librarian. She’s brilliant, funny, and the chemistry between us crackles every time we touch. But she doesn’t have a clue who I am. Delaney treats me like a normal person, seeing straight to the heart of me. And all it wants is her. Only problem? She hates celebrity athletes. Her own dark past has ensured she’ll never take a chance on one again. But the deeper we get, the harder it is for me to admit what I do on the ice. All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to love me for me—not the paycheck, the fame, or the face. But I’m not sure love will be enough to save us when the truth comes out.

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