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Carolina Reapers book six

It’s my first day back with the Carolina Reapers and the elevator just stopped. At least I’m in here with the girl of my dreams. London Foster is smart, sexy, and everything I’ve ever wanted— Until the elevator doors finally open and she runs right into my biological brother’s arms. Maxim is everything I hate—the chosen son who wasn’t a dirty little secret. I grew up with a hardworking single mom. He had a perfect family with our NHL legend father. Not only is his arm around London, he’s just been signed to the Reapers. He might have history with London, But I’m ready to fight for her future. Our chemistry can’t be matched—she walks into the room and we’re on fire. And the way she sighs my name? Perfection. But she’s our new game day coordinator, and to keep her position, we have to keep ours under wraps. And with my brother fighting for her at every turn? The secrets between us could be enough to send us all up in flames.

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