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Sweet & Spicy
Sweet water Book One

I’m Andromeda VanDoren, otherwise known as Persephone VanDoren’s older sister or the family’s embarrassment. For years I’ve tried to outrun my past, leaving a whole bunch of chaos in my wake.
But I’m done running.
I return home to Sweet Water fully prepared to do whatever it takes to pay for my past sins.
Little did I know that would include working for the once-love-of-my-life James Harlowe.
He’s everything I don’t deserve.
Compassionate, funny, and good down to his core.
And he has a kiss that makes me see stars.
Our chemistry is as electric as ever, and the longer we work together, the faster I realize he’s the only person who’s ever seen me for me, not the VanDoren name. But I ruin things, and the last thing I want to be is his mistake.
The demons from our past constantly remind us why we can’t be together.
But if we can’t prove this love is worth fighting for, we’ll lose our chance at a happily ever after for good this time.
*This is a steamy contemporary romance set in the Carolina Reapers' territory of Sweet Water and takes place two weeks after Cannon ends*

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