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Seattle Sharks book eight

I’m the Seattle Sharks’ power player. Some call me the Wheeler. That’s because I score on and off the ice more than any other Shark. Well, until her. The one girl I’ve wanted for years. And her brother just convinced me to hire her as my personal assistant. Faith Gentry. Sharp. Sexy. Funny as hell. My best friend’s little sister. Now that I’m her boss, she’s twice as off-limits. And I’m twice as screwed. Having Faith near me 24/7? It’s a torture I never knew existed. She sees me like no one else, and that mouth of hers? More than kissable. Our banter is quick, our chemistry hotter than hell, but if we cross that line— Her brother will kill me. I’ll lose my best friend, rip our hockey team apart, And I could lose my stay-in-the-states insurance. My wheeler past could to turn everything I’ve worked for to ash. But the more time I spend with Faith, the harder I fall. And this might be worth taking everything I have coming to me.

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